Set of 12 Flameless LED Candles & Accessories


Commercial grade rechargeable flameless candle set designed with the a unique candle flicker, these candles mimic the natural random flicker of an open flame. Designed to be placed in a variety of candle holders. Due to their clever design they can also be used in non-frosted holders as well as outdoors, which makes them a great choice for humid or wet locations and spa’s. Our flameless tea light set is proven to help reduce the costs spent on real flame candles and fuel based paraffin candles. With its sleek design and forward-thinking induction rechargeable system; restaurants, hotels and clubs can provide an ambient candle lighting atmosphere without seeing their profits go up in smoke. The recharging trays can connect put to 4 others and charge the candles simultaneously using only power supply. In just 4-6 hours, the candles are fully charged and will flicker for up to 12 hours.

Whats Included

Set of 12
12 x Flameless Candles / 1 x Multi Charging Pad / 1 x Remote Control




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