PE Round Cordless Lamp


Neutral, yet remarkably stunning, these white polyethylene plastic cordless lamps provide a subtle glow, creating a timeless lamp addition to your home or restaurant. A versatile design suitable for modern and contemporary spaces. Manufactured from a durable, weather resistant material these unique luminaires not only look beautiful but can withstand the rigorous demands of hospitality. Extremely popular among restaurateur and hotels alike, these cordless lamps can be seen illuminating many of world’s outdoor restaurants and terraces.


Cordless / Wireless
16 Pre programmed colour options
Warm white colour option (2700K)
4 Brightness settings
Remote controlled
Induction / Wireless charging



Made from durable, high-quality materials and engineered to be water resistant (IP44 rated) our lamps are specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Long lasting

Lasting up to 24 hours on a single charge and combined with a 2 year warranty our lamps are guaranteed to last night after night, year after year. 

Colour Variations

Our cordless lamps include a powerful, energy efficient LED, which offers not only the classic warm white (2700K) light option but an additional choice of 16 beautiful light colours. Our lamps are ideal for a range of lighting requirements indoors or outdoors.

Wireless Charging

Our wireless charging system makes recharging the lamps super easy and safe! No need to plug in cables, simply place the lamps on the charging pad and the charging process will begin. Full charging takes approx 4-5 hours.

Dimmable lighting

Choose your preferred lighting style throughout the evening thanks to the lamps dimmable functionality. Simply press the corresponding brightness button on the remote control to dim the lamps. 

Remote Controlled

For added convenience our lamps come complete with a IR remote control. Turn the lamps on/off, choose one of the light colours or adjust the brightness levels.


Product Code 80136
Dimensions 100mm x 150mm (10cm x 15cm)
Weight 0.234kg each lamp
Material Polyethylene Plastic


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