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Cordless Lamps are becoming an extremely popular choice for Table Lighting

Cordless lamps are rapidly becoming an extremely popular table lamp choice due to their convenience, attractiveness and safety.


If you have been struggling for a solution to trailing wires, space issues, or if you simply prefer cordless styles, the cordless table lamps are a perfect and cost effective solution.


Stylish yet portable, cordless table lamps use a built-in rechargeable battery to operate and require no wires and sockets. They are compact, often light-weight and can be moved conveniently from room to room, or used anywhere to provide warm lighting on dining tables, occasional tables, reception desks, bar terraces, pathways and wherever you need them, indoor or out.


The 1.5W SMD LED bulbs uses the latest LED technology, and is long lasting and energy saving. Also the brightness is adjustable. You can select from 2 modes (normal, candle) and 3 brightness levels (full, medium, low).


The built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery provides light for up to 24 hours on full brightness, 50 hours on medium and 120 hours on the lowest brightness level. Cordless table lamps are widely used in five-star hotels, luxury houses/apartments, villas, resorts, and many other places. They can be used in a variety of settings from private party’s, wedding’s or dinner’s to various events, fashion shows, Galleries, Museums or even Yachts.


With the most flattering, warm and enhancing light, the Cordless Table Lamp will always ensure that the food, flowers and guests are all looking their best.

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