Cordless ideal choice for a child friendly environment

by Insight Cordless Lightingon October 25, 2017


Cordless Lamps are completely safe, often lightweight and don’t have ‘touch burn’ which makes them an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom or child friendly environment.  They require very little or even no maintenance at all, they are easy to clean and are since becoming more durable with a new shatterproof material now available on the market.


More importantly than all this, is the ability to choose the colour of the cordless lamp (using the designated remote) to suit the ambience or setting you want to create for your child’s environment, particularly when it comes to bedtime.  White and blue based lights, however dim, will inhibit a child’s sleep by inducing the hormone ‘melatonin’ at night.  Melatonin is necessary for children to not only go to sleep but stay asleep for longer overnight.


Most children nightlight’s utilise white, blue or green hues.  These colours are often considered to be soothing however, at night they can do quite the opposite and actually inhibit the body’s natural melatonin by tricking the brain into thinking it is is still daylight.


There is one type of light however that doesn’t inhibit sleep.  Red. Red based light does not inhibit melatonin.  It doesn't so much improve sleep it, just doesn’t interfere with it.  Using a battery operated cordless lamp on the red, orange or deep yellow setting only, can make a huge difference to a child’s sleep.


With the added benefit of a cordless lamp being cordless, is you can place the lamp exactly where you want or need it, without the restriction of cables of wires, which trailing along floors or across doorways can be a ‘trip’ hazard in a child’s environment.


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