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Latest News

How lighting can influence the mood at your event

Did you know that the colours you see and are surrounded by can influence your mood?  Warmer colours such as red and oranges will evoke a different emotion than cooler colours like blues and greys.


When you are planning any kind of event or celebration, it’s best to consider your colour choices in the planning stages.  Whilst it is important to have the lighting colours as ‘on brand’ as you can, you should always be thinking about how you want your guests to feel and if you have created the right mood to suit your event.


Something else to consider is the setting of your event.  A dinner benefits from dimmed lighting, creating a cosier and calmer evening atmosphere where your guests can feel comfortable and relaxed.  However, this wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a lunch, when brighter lighting would better stimulate conversation and keep your guests alert and productive.


In contrast to this, creating a party atmosphere would usually be centred around a theme.  This would ideally be created using many components including dramatic centre pieces, elaborate props, possibly some illuminated furniture or dance floor and perhaps colourful table lighting.


Each event is naturally going to be different, therefore individual lighting themes would need to be chosen to reflect this.  When it comes to conferences, business launches and seminars, ‘uplighting’ is key.  Whereas, for social events you would choose more ‘downlighting’ when colour is used to create warmth and depth.  You may also perhaps consider using lamps with moving heads for award ceremonies to create animation and excitement. 


Creating the right lighting scheme can truly bring your event to life.

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